Shop on the island of Ćiovo

Are you visiting Okrug Gornji? Here are 5 nearby shops to shop at!

There are several shops on the island of Æiovo – many of them are located near our flats, so you can easily stop by them on your way back from the beach or pop out for a quick shopping spree when you run out of products for breakfast. We’ve put together a list of five places you can reach on foot in no more than fifteen minutes. And if you are travelling by car, even faster. Check out the shops we recommend to our visitors!

Where to shop on the island of Ćiovo? Here are five popular shops

Some can be reached in a few minutes, others require a slightly longer walk – but even this should not be a hindrance, as you can enjoy the surroundings and the picturesque island along the way.

– Ribola Market 44 – this is a small but well-equipped shop where you can buy everything you need, whether for cooking or for a trip or going to the beach. You’ll get fresh bread, fruit and vegetables here every day and, most importantly, you shouldn’t likely have a problem with parking or queues.

– Tommy Maximarket – this shop is appreciated especially for its attractive prices, but if you shop here in high season, you have to expect queues and difficulties finding a parking space, although the car park is large. You are sure to find the groceries, drinks and children’s products you need here.

– Studenac Market – this is a small shop offering warm buns every morning – and although prices are a little higher than in the surrounding markets – you can count on no queues and a cosy atmosphere.

– Dani – fresh fruit and vegetables – this is the place for fruit and vegetable lovers – you’ll find a wide selection at the stall, so you’re sure to be satisfied.

– Plus Market Gadža – prices are higher than in larger shops, but the friendly staff make it worth a visit. It’s a good place for quick shopping.

Larger, well-known chain shops can be found in Trogir – there’s the popular Tedi, Lidl and the Plodine supermarket.