Okrug Gornji

Okrug Gornji – other attractions you can enjoy on site

When visiting our flats, you don’t have to limit yourself to sightseeing or lazing on the beach. Okrug Gornji abounds with a number of other attractions – get to know them and delight in the diverse possibilities of spending time in this Croatian region!

Attractions for children and more

If you are travelling with children, they will appreciate the opportunity to visit the playground. It is located just six minutes’ walk from our flats. It features slides, climbing structures and swings. It’s a great way to take a break from the beach or pool, and an opportunity for parents to take a breather and relax. There are also football and basketball courts in the area – something for lovers of sporting competition and those who enjoy physical activity.


There is no shortage of churches in Okrug Gornji, which is of great importance for religious people. You don’t have to give up your religious practices when going on holiday! In less than 10 minutes on foot you will reach a modern, spacious, air-conditioned church famous for its delightful choir singing.

Diving centre

And if you want to experience an underwater adventure, be sure to go to the Diving Centre. There you will meet patient and friendly instructors, you will get access to professional equipment and you will be able to go underwater even if you are a beginner and have not had the opportunity to do so before. You don’t have to worry if you can’t speak Croatian – communicative English or German will suffice.

As you can see, Okrug Gornji is not only beach and sea. You will find many suggestions for children and adults. Be sure to also check out the recommended restaurants and shops!