Copacabana beach

Just a ten-minute walk from our flats will take you to the highly entertaining, sunny beach, abundant with activities and a wide selection of dining establishments. Copacabana impresses with its access to clean, clear water and carefully developed tourist infrastructure. You can get there on foot, by bike or by car (although if you’re staying in our flats, it’s much more convenient to walk there so you don’t have to worry about finding a parking space). Check out what Copacabana beach has to offer and why it’s worth a visit!

What makes Copacabana beach special? Get to know this extraordinary place!

Certainly not a beach suitable for those seeking relaxation in a secluded retreat – this place has been carefully developed with tourists in mind, so you’ll find:

– many working bars and restaurants,
– changing rooms and showers,
– toilets,
– a children’s playground and a wide range of attractions for the little ones,
– sports equipment rentals,
– beach accessory hire.

Copacabana – the answer to the highest tourist needs

Copacabana is not a natural beach – it has been shaped to suit the needs of tourists, the coastline is pebble and if you like hustle and bustle and convenient access to key amenities while you relax, this is certainly the perfect place for you. The perfect amount of sunshine means you’ll need an umbrella to hide in the shade – it’s the perfect place if you want to sunbathe and enjoy the crystal clear waters.

Of course, you will also find many other beaches in Croatia, among them quieter, less bustling ones, but with limited infrastructure.